The delegates’ terms of office are for three years. Organizations are free to renew the three-year terms
as often as they wish for a particular delegate.

American College Health Association
Delegate: Julia Varnes, PhD., MPH, MCHES

American Public Health Association
Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section
Delegate:  Johnese Bostic

Alternate: Andrea Portillo

American Public Health Association
School Health Education and Services Section
Delegate: Christopher M. Ledingham, MPH, PhD, MCHES

Alternate:  Larry K. Olsen, DrPH CHES

American School Health Association
Delegate: Beth McNeill, PhD

Alternate: Eric Conrad

Eta Sigma Gamma
Delegate:Keely Reese, PhD

Coordinator & Alternate: Kelly L. Wilson, PhD, MCHES 

Deputy Coordiniator & Alternate:
Alexis Blavos, PhD, MCHES

Society for Public Health Education
Delegate: Barbara Hernandez, PhD, MCHES

Alternate: Kelly Brown, PhD

Alternate & Staff:  Elaine Auld,  MPH, CHES

The Society
Delegate: Fran Anthony Meyer

Alternate: Suzanne Crouch