About Us


The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (CNHEO) was formed in 1972 and represents over 30,000 individuals committed to the advancement of the field of health education.  As a coalition, we draw strength from our collective size and multiple perspectives.

Our Mission

To mobilize the resources of the health education profession in order to expand and improve health education, regardless of setting.

What We Do

  • We facilitate national level communication, collaboration and coordination among the member organizations.
  • We provide a forum for the identification and discussion of health education issues.
  • We formulate recommendations and take appropriate action on issues affecting member interests.
  • We serve as a communication and advisory resource for agencies, organizations and persons in the public and private sectors on health education issues.
  • We serve as a focus for the exploration and resolution of issues pertinent to professional health educators.

CNHEO and Advocacy

Advocacy was identified as a key need for further development of the health education profession in the CNHEO report Marketing the Health Education Profession – Knowledge, Attitudes and Hiring Practices of Employers.

Advocacy is a critical competency of the health education specialist and an essential strategy in profession-wide efforts to foster improvements in individual and population health in all settings.

The World Health Organization defines advocacy for health as a combination of individual and social actions designed to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance, and systems for a particular health goal or program. Building effective political alliances with Congressional representatives and other policymakers is critical to strengthen and expand the resource base for behavioral/social sciences research, health education programs and practice, professional preparation in health education, and workforce employment.

By 1998, the CNHEO developed a core advocacy agenda to speak with one voice on priority issues and legislation related to health education and that same year the first Health Education Advocacy Summit was held in Washington, D.C.

Member organizations

American College Health Association (ACHA)serves as the principal leadership organization for advancing the health of college students and campus communities through advocacy, education, and research. https://acha.org/


American Public Health Association (APHA) is the oldest and largest organization of public health professionals in the world, representing more than 50,000 members from over 50 occupations of public health.www.apha.org


American School Health Association (ASHA) mission is to build the capacity of its members to plan, develop, coordinate, implement, evaluate, and advocate for effective school health strategies that contribute to optimal health and academic outcomes for all children and youth. www.ashaweb.org

Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG). The mission of ESG is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared men and women in Health Education. http://etasigmagamma.org/

International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)  fulfills its mission by building and operating an independent, global, professional network of people and institutions to encourage the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, know-how, experiences, and the development of relevant collaborative projects, both at global and regional levels. https://www.iuhpe.org/index.php/en/

National Commission for Health Education Credentialling, Inc. (NCHEC).The mission of NCHEC is to enhance the professional practice of Health Education by promoting and sustaining a credentialed body of Health Education Specialists. To meet this mission, NCHEC certifies health education specialists, promotes professional development, and strengthens professional preparation and practice. www.nchec.org

Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education (the Society) utilizes advocacy, partnerships, professional development and resources to build the capacity of school health leaders to implement effective health education and physical education policies and practices that support success in school, work and life. http://thesociety.org/


Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE). The mission of SOPHE is to provide global leadership to the profession of health education and health promotion and to promote the health of society. www.sophe.org